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Halloween 2018

8 years into my parenting career and I finally caved…Halloween 👻 🎃 … and gosh they were excited!!! Lucky to have amazing American friends that put on the full hurrah fun night and I told my kids they could enjoy the collecting but I would be happy to buy back their lollies at 20 cents each so they can save money to spend on something they really love and I don’t have to fight them on not eating all the junk 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈. So they happily chose 3 each to eat and gave the rest to me to pass on in exchange for cash. Call me crazy but it was an idea I heard about years ago from Juli at @purekitchenblog and I loved it! 😂😂 💰 that way we all win and no junk overdoses. 🙌🏼
Really such a fun night. Thanks for having us Hughsie’s and thanks to all the houses for opening their doors to so many loud children 👌🏼❤️


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