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Using Products with probiotics : NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink

NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink

This post is supported by NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink

My big kid toddler with her big kid attitude lately has been giving me a run for my money; the must have everything she wants right now attitude and 2-year-old tantrums have been sending me bonkers. But I’m raising a strong, independent woman? I really hope so.

Recently I was asked to trial the new NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink. We aren’t huge milk drinkers in our family, but we are all about finding things to benefit our children nutritionally, so I thought we would give it a whirl. It has just launched in Australia, NAN A2 Stage 3 prides itself on helping support the nutritional needs of young children by providing energy and essential nutrients that may be lacking in their diet, and probiotics. They had me at probiotics!

The NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink contains the Probiotic Bifidus BL: A probiotic similar to those found in the digestive system of breastfed babies.

NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink

We all know that toddlers can be VERY fussy eaters; from my experience, they want all the snacks and minimal of the good green stuff. It’s hard to know if they are actually getting enough of what they need at times. I think this is where NAN toddler milks can play a valuable role in helping to meet the nutritional needs of young children by providing energy and essential nutrients that may be lacking in their diet. It’s the in betweener; the part that helps out to fill the gaps. NAN A2 Stage 3 is a premium milk drink designed for toddlers from 1 year of age. It provides young children with a unique and complementary combination of high quality ingredients and important essential vitamins and minerals to support growth and development. 16 vitamins and minerals, including iron and zinc for cognitive function, and vitamins D & C to help support the immune system. And it’s made with A2 β-casein protein – protein is known to help support growth and development in young children.
NAN A2 Stage 3 contains a unique blend of whey and casein, where the A2 β-casein protein comes from milk of special cows, selected to exclusively contain the A2 β- casein protein.

Note: NAN A2 Stage 3 shouldn’t replace a varied diet. It’s specially formulated for toddler’s that may not be getting all the energy and nutrients they need from their food.

NAN A2 Stage 3 toddler milk drink

I love that with over 150 years’ experience in nutrition, health and wellness, the Nestlé purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a better future. Backed by local, and international, research and development on early childhood nutrition, the Nestlé NAN toddler milk products have helped to nurture generations of young children in Australia.

So, this product is not a meal, it’s added nutrition that your toddler may miss in their daily routine of being their own boss when it comes to meal times. It’s to support their growing bodies and fill the gaps to help them to thrive.

I can confirm that my Miss 2 loves the taste and is enjoying her cup of toddler milk lately; she comes straight up to me with a cup to ask for it, “Mum, Milk!”

NB: I was gifted this product to trial and review. These views are the personal views of Cassandra Michelin and do not necessarily reflect the views of Nestlé.

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