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A note to this one – 8 years old today


A note to this one 💫✨

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! 8 years old.

I have loved celebrating you the past few days; you’re so caring, inclusive, loving and a true leader in our bunch. You look out for each of your siblings and your friends with such loyalty and your smile is contagious to everyone that you cross paths with.

You are truly such a special girl; the eldest of 4 and we know there can be a lot of pressure on you in amongst the chaos… we love you and I do hope that you understand how much We appreciate you being in our lives and although, still small, everything you do for our family. Never stop laughing or dancing or just being you.

You are a star and I feel completely blessed to have you as the one that made me a mum. Love you princess P.

So proud of you. ❤️

Photo by @willow_and_sea .