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Farewell 2018… Bring on 2019!

2018, what a year!! 💫

When I look back on this one I can see many storms, many rainbows and a whole lot of blur in between. This year has sure been a roller coaster to the max, an explosion of many different emotions, feelings and life experiences. A lot of it not easy, but a lot of it better than a dream.

Summing up this year; I had 1 in year 2, 1 in preschool, 1 at home and 1 growing in the tum…I worked many days as a PE teacher right up until a week before I gave birth… I had a baby; MY 4TH BABY! I went into labour NATURALLY…on my due date…in a city 7 hours drive from where my husband was at work. He made it and I had a birth that only I could dream of. I will forever be so proud and grateful of that whole birth experience, our little coco literally came into the world with us all laughing and I did the whole labour all by myself, how empowering!💪🏼 The whole process I never believed my body could do after 2 inductions and a c-section, being on the greatest high that I thought could last a life time… Only for our whole world to come crashing down 8 days later when our precious #4 was airlifted back to Sydney in the middle of the night to spend 10 sleepless heart wrenching days in intensive care with a respiratory virus. We all got through it and got back home but real life with 4 started again and although it felt good, it had a whole heap of new fear thrown in. Fear that I never had experienced. The following months we learnt our way, while huddling up our little survivor. It’s been exhausting and busy year with so many different needs pulling me in every direction, the most sleep deprived and just all round exhausted and overweight I have ever been BUT when I look above the surface we have had so much fun, achieved so much and done so many cool things. We’ve had ski trips, holidays back in our old stomping ground, spent time with old friends, new friends, done renovations, launched a new website, camping + had a luxury adventure in Noosa .We’ve done more than ever before in one year and I am so grateful for the memories we’ve made and the fun we’ve had with the kids.

The first year is always hard, throw a sick baby in and 3 other kids and it just wasn’t a great start… days roll into weeks and things are done the best we can with the energy we have. I’m just tired and I’ve overreacted to a lot of things that didn’t need my energy. What a mix of emotions; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of my little ones growing up and becoming more independent, I’m so bloody proud of ALL of them but I also don’t want to wish the time away.

Although we’ve had many ups and downs, without a doubt, I’m super proud of Everything this year, there have been so many lessons learnt and endless fun had! And so much time together. All in all, it has been such a great year!

Plans for 2019??? I want more sleep!!! 😂🤪 I know life ain’t slowing down and that’s ok, as always I’ll embrace what I’ve got, take each day at a time and focus on having a positive attitude 🤪 No huge resolutions here, it’s not the year for that, I just want to drink more water, drink less coffee and squeeze in more active time for me, even if it’s with the kids. 2019 is going to be great, can’t wait to watch it unfold! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

📷: @willow_and_sea

January 4, 2019