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Looking after our ears with Audiclean

audiclean ear cleanser

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My husband and his ears! It drives me bonkers. He has always had problems with wax build up, swimmers ear, ear infections, excess bone growth and in turn; hearing loss. So the problem he has is wanting his ears to feel like they are clean and clear. He usually wants to do this by sticking a cotton bud in them to clean them out, and if there is no cotton bud then he could reach for anything to get relief… ARGHHH! It is known that we should never put any objects in our ears, including cotton buds, as it can do a lot of damage.

Our ears are delicate, and while a small cotton bud may look harmless, it can damage the fragile tissues inside our ears or even cause an infection. What is also interesting is that cotton buds often push wax further into your ear, causing more of a problem. Did you know that hearing loss can occur when wax is pushed back toward the eardrum and ear wax is actually the most common cause of temporary hearing loss? I didn’t.

This is why when I was asked to trial the ear cleansing wash from Audiclean, I said yes.


audiclean swimmers ear

What was exciting is that Audiclean offers a safer and gentler way to clean ears, hallelujah! The ear wax remover softens and eliminates excess ear wax without the use of harsh solvents and did a great job of cleaning up my husband’s ears.

They have a range of products that can be used at home that use only naturally sourced ingredients to help keep ears clean – not just fix them after a build up. Leading up to our recent adventure to the Sunshine Coast, where we knew we would be in the pool a lot, we all used the Audiclean ear cleansing wash twice a week, as it can be used by the whole family to keep ears clean and healthy – even for bubs aged 6 months! When we were on holiday my husband also used the swimmers ear product and got great results. Which makes me super happy, and we will definitely continue to use this now we’re home.

The Audiclean ear cleansing wash is a gentle spray that washes away dirt and excess ear wax using a unique seawater solution from St Malo, France which contains over 80 natural minerals. Audiclean products’ sterile formulation of isotonic seawater is pH balanced and free of preservatives, gas propellant and ‘freeze’ effect.

The range of all Audiclean products work together to care for your ears is awesome and it’s easy to find it in your local pharmacy or supermarket, or you can buy online from selected retailers now. I am happy to have found these products and even happier that my husband now doesn’t want to stick cotton buds in his ears constantly, Audiclean cleansing wash is working!

If you would like to learn more about this product go to: http://www.audiclean.com.au/

Medical Disclaimer: If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed.

NB: I was gifted this product to trial but all comments and opinions are my own.