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My beautiful babies

mum of 4

My beautiful babies 👧🏼 👶🏼

We made the official move yesterday; moving baby Co co into Miss Mabel’s room. My big two have always shared a room and love it but I was so nervous about putting these two in together as coco wakes sooooooo many times in the night. But after the very long nights we’ve had over the past few months of her in our room I had to pull the pin on the all night feeds and just make the move to see what happens.

I just need sleep 💤 .

It all went pretty well, She went to sleep ok with Mabel and Mabel was so cute… she always wants to sleep with us to go to bed or Pia but she knew coco was in there so she had to “look after her”… they both went straight to sleep… 🤗

We did have to get up a couple of times but she woke up so happy this morning and I have faith that this is going to be a good thing and we’re all going to get more sleep and more smiles 🤪. It will be magic 😂😂👌🏼🙏🏼 Do you’re kids share a room? What age did you put them in together? Any tips ?