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Real Mum Review: Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop and ViperGrip Basketball

Recently my family and I were lucky enough to put the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop and ViperGrip Basketball to the test. What a fun experience it was for our entire family!

With four kids, it can be important to find budget-friendly, healthy ways to keep the family entertained at home. Reducing the amount of time my kids spend on screens is also something I value, and that’s where the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop and ViperGrip Basketball are both so wonderful. The little kids, the big kid (my husband) and I spent hours playing with the Vuly basketball hoop, coming up with quirky games and new challenges to test our skills.

My kids are young, and initially I was a little on edge about the idea of them playing with a large basketball hoop. However, the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop has so many in-built safety features that my mind was quickly at ease. My first fear was that the kids could pull down the hoop, or find the equipment unstable. To prevent this, Vuly has cleverly built their Slam Pro Basketball Hoop with the strongest foundation of any portable basketball hoop on the market. It’s made from solid steel with a unique one-piece chassis for increased stability, and extra design features that give the hoop 3 times the strength of competitors. To top it off, the backboard is perforated, letting wind safely pass through the equipment, ensuring the hoop won’t topple over. Safety features, check! 

Secondly, I was curious as to whether my young kids would be able to enjoy a basketball hoop. I mean basketball players are tall, and though it feels like the kids are growing more every day… They’re yet to reach the height of professional athletes. Can you see what I was thinking? Fortunately, the clever folk at Vuly had me covered. The Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop could be used by serious competitors at a maximum height of 4m – however for us, it can be adjusted down to a hoop height of just 2m, which is low enough for my kids to have a great time. Forget crew-jacks or fixed rungs; locking the hoop down to the right level couldn’t be easier, with Vuly’s design using a gas-powered strut to lower and raise itself with just a twist. User-friendliness, check! 

Thirdly, I was worried about how the equipment might fare outdoors. We live in the East Coast of Australia where it can rain… a lot. I did question the longevity of a steel hoop, as I didn’t want this rusting or flaking. Vuly have thought about this as well though – with a galvanised and double powder coated frame to prevent rust. On top of that, Vuly offers a 7-year warranty to put your mind at ease.

Vuly says that the Slam Pro is the world’s most sophisticated portable basketball hoop system. After spending time with my family and watching the kids throw everything they had at the hoop, I tend to agree. We were also lucky enough to try Vuly’s ViperGrip basketball, which not only provides extra grip for littles hands, but is cruelty-free and made without leather like traditional basketballs. Design-savvy, check! 

We can absolutely recommend the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop and ViperGrip Basketball. For more info go to:  https://www.vulyplay.com/en-AU