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My breast feeding journey comes to an end…

breastfeeding journey

Feeling all the feels looking back on our brand new baby Coco almost one whole year ago. 🥰
Wow! What an incredibly emotional week and decision. My breastfeeding journeys have always come from a place of necessity. Each of my babies have fed for as long as they wanted and weaned very naturally onto the next phase. It’s hard to Fathom any other way.
I’ve always fed my babies willingly but I feel through my number 3 road I did at times wish it away only to be pregnant again and onto #4.
When it came to my fourth, I honestly thought it could be my longest, knowing it’s the last but also knowing now that time flies by so quickly.

But then there is this whole heap of real life and there is this a mum that is really struggling with many different aspects of finding herself in the midst of 9 years of hormone imbalance and sleep deprivation.
There’s this mum that is highly strung, reactive and over sensitive. There is this mum that is overwhelmingly busy but just wants everyone to leave her alone and sleep all day. There is this mum that lives on coffee and craves all the wrong foods. This mum that is so lost in day to day mum life that she looks in the mirror and doesn’t even recognise herself or know who she is anymore. And then there’s this mum that cries and cries and cries because all she wants is to feel a bit like she used to be and for everyone to stop asking for things . She wants to stop being so yelly and love and appreciate her husband and for him to love her back.
And when this mum finally admits that everything can’t go on like this, she has to take a step back and realise that some things have got to give and start giving back to herself again so she can be the mum and wife that she had always dreamt of being.
So, with a collaborative family decision; It is time to stop. Oh man I’ve cried and prayed over this decision, it could seem so ridiculous to some how much emotion I’ve put into it but it’s been my life for so long and once it’s done, there’s no more excuses. Is it the answer to everything? No! Of course not. But it is hopefully a piece of the puzzle to begin bringing this Mama back to life again for the sake of everyone around her. ❤️ So with this; we’ve had our last feed and we’ve said farewell to this part of Mum’ing. My last baby has happily moved onto the next phase and my chest is now mine again 💃🏼 Let the health journey begin all over again. ❤️

Like always, what a crazy ride. Fingers crossed I stop crying every time I think about it soon. 😂Life gives us so many lessons and What I have learnt this past few weeks is that as mums it’s ok to be ok with doing what’s right for us, without judgment of others or ourselves. Every mums journey is so different and every mum finds different struggles and it’s ok to talk and be real with each other. It’s so important to be real with each other and listen, understand , encourage and assist.I thank all the mamas for lending their ears to my endless blabba on a regular basis, without you all, I wouldn’t survive the dull days. Mums support mums, 💪🏼💪🏼whatever decisions and needs we may have. ✨love you all!
And on a side note, Anyone else been through the end of breastfeeding blues? I didn’t even realise there was such a thing. 🤯