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Best Of 2019: Personal Development Tools for Mums

The internet has changed the way we obtain, process and spread knowledge forever. We can learn how to change a tyre, cook new cuisines, and even cut your own hair in a matter of minutes. 

For those who want to learn new skills or simply find a new hobby, you can easily find platforms and organisations that offer your online programmes where you can set your own pace. Maybe life got in the way of your learning and aspirations; that’s okay. But it’s never too late (and has never been easier) to pursue further personal development and it’s never been easier to do so without  sacrificing your current lifestyle or schedule. 

You’ve earned your right to invest in yourself. 

Finding The Right Path

Today, you can even get a graduate degree from Ivy League schools online. But there’s also plenty of bite-sized classes where you can just listen to experts discuss interesting topics or get the basics. There is never any right way to learn. 

A few examples of online learning avenues to consider: 

  • Online Postgraduate Courses
  • Skills-Oriented Learning
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Freelancer Gigs 

Any one of these options independently will help you pursue the career of their dreams. For some ladies who have time constraints for various reasons, a combination of these options may be the most successful path. 

Online Postgraduate Courses

I know this could sound scary to some mums who do not have the mental or physical capacity for a full-on college experience. However, if you want to pursue a degree or certificate, you can easily find online postgraduate schools in Australia that offer self-paced courses. You will still have access to mentors and faculties who can provide feedback and guidance but on your schedule. 

You can even build a new career or take on freelance work with your new degree and with the help of your career advisors. Definitely an option worth exploring! 

Skills-Oriented Learning

You can easily find sample classes to better understand topics you’ve always been curious about (for me, it was constitutional law) for free by reading articles on Medium or watching Ted talks. In addition, you can also acquire new skill sets such as coding, excel, trading, or creative writing. 

There are many online-only platforms with a learn-as-you-practice model where you get to practice your skills through your projects/assignments. For technical knowledge, you can try Udemy, Udacity, or General Assembly. They often offer bootcamps or free intro webinars besides their full-time and part-time classes with more structured syllabuses. 

For more creative skills such as filmmaking or storytelling, you can try Masterclass. 

Seminars and Workshops

Many industry groups and communities will often host in-person workshops, webinars, or discussions for free. Based on your interests, you can find these groups and sign up for newsletters. 

If you are not sure and want to have access to these events across industries / topics, you can browse on Eventbrite or Meetup and see what’s available. These sessions will often have a networking component for those who want to expand their intellectual circle. 

Freelancer Gigs

Sometimes the best way to learn is on the job, right? Thanks to the rise of flexible and work-from-home opportunities, it is so easy to find freelance work online. If you like hospitality and tourism, there are people who want to hire someone to simply do some trip research for them. 

You can find writing gigs where you write articles on topics of your choice. The list is endless – the point is that you can find ways to learn or improve your skills in real life without ever leaving your home (and while earning some extra income!). 

There are many different websites for this but I’d recommend Upwork and Fiverr. 

Focus on Learning – Not Deadlines

Do you remember how you used to scramble to finish your homework or project in high school and college? Who amongst us cannot recall at least a few instances where we had to just do the bare minimum so we can finish in time. 

This anxiety should not be part of your personal development experience. You can set your own goals and simply focus on learning. There’s no punishment or real consequences if you are late completing your projects – focus on how you can maximise learning, not deadlines. 

Maybe you just want to browse through some interesting lectures. Maybe you want to create a website for yourself or build a career that suits your lifestyle. Or maybe you just want to learn how to garden with your family. Be honest about the growth you are after and find programmes and tools that could help you get there one step at a time. 

When it comes to personal development, the journey really is as important, if not more, than the destination.