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Creating the Best Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

If you live in a busy metropolitan area such as Sydney, you may want to pay extra attention to make sure that your home is set up for optimal relaxation.  

Creating good feng shui, which the Eastern Asian culture believes uses energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment, could open doors to a  healthier, fresher life. Insomnia has increasingly become a problem for many adults and a huge part of that can be addressed by adjusting the environment – designing your home intentionally. 

Just like the air we breathe in, the energy we consume and release also impacts our physical and mental health. 

Consider the following ways to keep the best of the best feng shui in your bedroom. Remember, your bedroom is the place you spend about 30% of your time even if you are not necessarily active while in it. Isn’t it worth investing in the place where you spend about 17 weeks a year?

1. Rearrange your room and minimise the clutter 

Cluttered room, cluttered mind. It is vital that you come home to a spacious and snug habitat. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of anything decorative; it just means you should be more mindful of what you include in your space. 

There are many layouts to choose from. It’s your room and it should feel like you. What we can offer is some guiding principles based on some tested wisdom. 

  • Make sure that you keep where you sleep separate from where you are active. So if you like to read a book or do work in your room, make sure you have a bench, couch, or a desk. Keeping the two places in close proximity can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.   
  • If you have limited space, get creative with furniture arrangement. You can easily find multifunctional benches and equipments to keep things organised. 
  • Be realistic. Make the room work for you, not the other way around. If you know you lose your keys often, put a large key holder by the door. Think about the overall design of your room before you start rearranging the furniture. Check out some sample layout ideas on Pinterest.  

2. Relaxing Plants 

Plants are decorative but they can also provide functional utility. There are mini zen gardens you can purchase to add to the positive feel of your surroundings. Having a little nature never hurts and will make your room feel more vibrant. There are easy to maintain plants such as succulents and cactus. 

For fellow insomniacs like me, I recommend getting plants known to exude calming scent and energy such as lilacs and aloe plants. You can keep them by the window closest to your bed to maximise the soothing effects you receive. 

3. Mattress and Beddings Designed for You  

Do not underestimate the power of your mattress. There is no ‘one’ mattress that’s good for you or your energy. Everyone has a different body type, sleep patterns, and environments. So it’s critical you invest in your bed and make sure that itself is designed uniquely to suit your situation. 

We often drag our dirt into our room and transfer it to the mattress, which impacts the surrounding air we breathe in. Especially in places like Sydney where we are exposed to the outdoors as well as the city pollution, it is impossible not to bring outside dirt into our bed. 

One solution is finding a waterproof mattress that resists the dirt from being absorbed. Make sure that your mattress and your pillows (as well as your sheets) are selected to support your sleep positions and maintain an ideal sleeping temperature. See mattresses specifically suitable for Sydney to create the most ideal sleep environment for yourself. 

4. Night Lights and Sound Machines  

Feng shui is not just about the visual effects – energy can be consumed by all of your senses. So do not be too quick to dismiss exploring sound machines that trigger the right hearing sensors to be at your most calm. 

Needless to say, the lighting of your room will also have a significant impact on not just your mood but also your physical health. If your room does not get a lot of natural light, you can use night lights or natural light alarm clocks to mimic the same desired lighting.  

There are many multifunctional gadgets which combine these features so you can minimise the number of machines in your space. 

5. Useful Visual Tricks to Make Your Room Seem More Open 

While we all see colors differently, there are a few universal tricks that are known to produce desired spatial perception of a room. Black, for instance, often makes the room more spacious. Adding texture to the wall (just one, not all) will add calming effects to the room’s atmosphere. 

Having a solid headboard or a bed canopy will also give the room a spacious and open feel This is why you often see an empty room with a canopy flowing in a breeze is often used in commercials to exude a sense of serenity. 

At the end of the day, the feng shui of your bedroom is whatever appeals to you and touches you. What you see, feel, smell, and breathe in your own home should carefully designed for the sake of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.