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Happy first birthday to my beautiful #4

My sweet number 4. You are now 1 🙈 The last of another first. It’s a little emotional thinking about this year and also that our last baby is growing up. We’ve had a lovely day. We’ve had way too much cake and lots of happy birthday songs. We love you coco more than words will ever tell.

This past year, WOW, THIS past YEAR AND YOU have taught me so much; I hope I can really express that to you in the future. You’ve taught me how to open my heart more, how to let go of things that don’t matter, how to say no when I need to, how to embrace fear, how to heal and how to keep going when things get tough. Honestly, the first month of your life was a crazy, scary, tornado of a mess but you my sweet girl, you surrendered and you fought, you showed me really how amazing the human body is, you were a warrior princess and I will never forget that, I really hope you get to know how incredible you truly are because YOU ARE AMAZING!

Happy birthday to our cheeky little Coco. 🥳🎈