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Avoid accidental poisoning – medicines are commonly stored in the bathroom so make sure they are kept out of sight and out of reach in a child-secured cupboard or under lock and key. Also many people keep bathroom cleaning products under the sink which is a hazard as they are toxic. Again, keep these out of reach, up high, in a locked or secured cupboard. Last but not least secure your toilet with a latch.

Toilet water is highly toxic and children are curious!


If you are potty training, make sure you clean your potty immediately after use as they can also be a poisoning hazard. Dreambaby®’s new EZY-POTTY has been designed so the top half is super easy to remove and quickly clean. It comes in two colours: (AQUA and GREY – grey is available exclusively thou

gh BABY Bunting).

Avoid Scalds or burns – they are a major cause of long-term damage to children. Hot water from the tap can scald in seconds. Check the bathroom hot water is below 50C. Use a bath thermometer. Dreambaby®‘Herbert’ the Turtle Room & Bath Thermometer is ideal. Made from BPA-free and phthalate-safe durable, waterproof material, the temperature display is clearly visible on Herbert’s back and gives fast and accurate temperature readings, whilst doubling as safe and fun toys for your little ones!

I always advise parents and carers to get down on all fours and examine the world from a child’s point of view – literally! You will quite often find dropped items such as medicines and small toy parts which are a choking hazard – another leading cause of accidents in the home. This applies not only to the bathroom but to every room in the house (and even hotel rooms).

Block off all unused power points in the bathroom with Outlet Plugs. Water and electricity don’t mix. Install a child safety Gate at the entrance of the bathroom to add additional peace of mind. If you rent, consider a pressure mounted gate so you don’t have to drill into the walls. You can further guard against damage by using a Dreambaby® Protect-A-Wall™, a mounting cup that ingeniously disperses pressure from the top supports over a large area, reducing direct force and minimising the possibility of cracks or collapses.

Last but not least, never leave a child alone in the bathroom – ever. Not even to answer the door for second or your phone. Nothing ever replaces adult supervision and children can drown in a few centimeters of water.

For more bathroom safety tips go to Dreambaby®’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dreambabytv/search?query=Bathroom

You can also listen to this podcast made by Dreambaby® co-founder and renowned safety expert Carolyn Ziegler on how to help keep your baby safe in the bathroom. It’s a short and invaluable insight into what to look out for and how to prevent accidents. http://www.tee-zed.com.au/dreambabypodcasts/



More about Carolyn Ziegler
Carolyn Ziegler; Co-founder and Product Development Director of global child safety and care brand, Dreambaby® has been involved in child safety for 35 years. Carolyn’s work has extended to various affiliations with other child safety organisations and initiatives, including the “Kids Can’t Fly” campaign through Westmead Children’s Hospital. She is also a big supporter of Kidsafe Australia – the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia. These days, Carolyn’s expertise is focused on product development, by proactively identifying and assessing risks posed to babies and young children and developing the solutions to deal with those dangers. Dreambaby® continues to develop and distribute safety products which are innovative, affordable and ever-evolving to suit today’s changing needs.

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