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How Your Family Can Have A Positive Footprint On The World


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As I look more into a holistic way of bringing up my family in this modern world, I’m always looking for ways to help us live a happier and healthier life. Reducing our negative impact on the world is a huge part of what I’m passionate about and I really want to aim to turn it into a positive one during the day to day chaos that is life with kids. Below are some of my top things that we are focusing on this year to have a more positive impact on the world (and our bank account). 

Say NO to plastic bags

This one is so simple but so huge! What is so great is that a lot of the big chain super markets have stopped single use plastic bags but I understand how easy it can be to forget your own reusable bags and purchase one of the reusable bags at the checkout. Let’s get real though people, those thicker plastic, reusable bags don’t get reused that many times before they’re put into the bin and just as easy as it is to buy one, it is as easy to not buy one and carry your groceries in the trolley straight to your car and into the boot. Or even better, just leave your reusable bags in the back of the car so there is no chance in forgetting them when you are running in to grab something last minute. 

Keep your energy consumption in your home low

This year we’re really focused on finding ways to cut back and ensure our household energy consumption remains low. This means we don’t run heaters or leave the lights on in a room no one’s in! We do use electricity to cook, but I’m super proud to have a solar power solution for our hot water, so all our hot washing cycles, showers, and baths are powered by solar power and in the long run, this can help our family achieve cheaper energy bills and start the path of renewable energy for the future. We love it.  I also recommend comparing electricity prices in NSW to get the best possible deal for your home. amaysim are one provider in particular that have a range of great-value plans to help you avoid bill-shock.

Compost and Recycle

Our local area has bought in a new initiative this year called FOGO; this is a service that takes away our food scraps and composts it for us. With this though, comes less rubbish bin pick up days and a much more conscious effort for the community. This has made us super conscious about sorting our rubbish into compost, recycling and landfill, with 3 different coloured bins. If you don’t have FOGO in your community, you can feed your scraps to a pet, give to a neighbours chooks or even start your own compost bin, check it out at a local garden store, they are so simple to get going and make such a big impact on the world. Recycling is still massively important but be careful not to over dump things into recycling that you could possibly reuse yourself as it’s still a huge process for our councils. 


This brings me to the importance of reusing. The world is in a recycling crisis; we have way too much to recycle but not enough places or money to do it. Recycling is expensive and some of the time all those jars or containers you so patiently saved and sorted for recycling can get thrown into landfill at the last stop anyway. If you can recycle things in your own home yourself that is awesome! Refill glass jars as water bottles, large jars can be used for bulk food items, buy larger containers of food or body products to save on the packaging and store in jars or containers that you have recycled yourself. Refill soap pumps with bulk hand wash and shower products. 

Drive less

Another very simple action; choose to move more. Get places without your car, walk, run, ride a bike, skip even, just think of ways you get places without having to turn your car on. The bus is already running, the trains are already going, catch one to work and back, put the kids on the bus to school, you will save on fuel and save on your footprint on the world. 


This is massive! We live in such a consumerist world, I know, I am one! I love new stuff. But this year I am trying my best to really think about my purchases before I commit. We don’t need the same t shirt in every colour, we are allowed to wear the same one more than once. I want my kids to appreciate simple things and know they don’t need EVERYTHING! Buying less is one of the biggest, most important things we can all do. Every single thing is made and comes in some sort of packaging, tags connected, endless bits of plastic. As well as those items of clothing that we hardly wear and then get rid of, it’s all so disposable and our planet just can’t afford it anymore. Although I don’t think I can reign in my love of new things completely, we are trying our best.

Can you think of any other ways that we can reduce our footprint on the world?

Note: This article is supported by amaysim but all words and opinions are my own.