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It’s the magic in the madness

On the morning of the fire; I made myself a cup of tea in this cup that Princess P had bought me at the Mother’s Day stall only a week before and I took my half-drunk cup of cold tea with me in the car. This is something I wouldn’t usually do because we had sahhhhh many keep cups so I’d usually use one of those BUT that morning I looked at this cup and just really wanted to use it for the school run.

I even thought about how it would probably spill through the car as I drove and then thought who cares …I like this cup, I like it because it’s big, it’s pretty and most importantly I love it because it came from my beautiful big girl who chose it out and bought it for me with her own money. After losing most of our things merely an hour later; I still have this cup. Isn’t it just so interesting how things work out?!? One day you have everything and the next day you cherish the small things that are still there.

This cup right here is one of those small things and it means so much!!!! It’s the magic in the madness. ❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼💫💫

And today paired perfectly with the latest @hellolunchlady mag… thanks to to the post office holding all our mail ✌🏼#thankyou