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On Thursday a fire took our home.


The day after the fire.

💔 It feels like it’s time to share even though its something you dont ever want to be true…on Thursday I was in our home,sitting in that very well loved kitchen eating breakfast, I had made the kids brekky, I even shared it on instastories. I was so proud of everything we had created, I AM SO PROUD OF IT ALL!

And now tonight, nothing is left.We have our cars and the clothes on our backs…everything else is gone!Our beautiful kitchen we built ourselves,the walls that we painted,the hard wood floor that we got put in,the new light fittings,the curtains, our big king sized bed, that comfy lounge,my laptop with all my photos,my camera with more photos, our shoes,all our clothes,the list is endless and it’s all gone.

It’s surreal, it’s shock and it’s a nightmare that we’re never going to wake up from.💔

Thursday was a crazy day, it was something that you don’t want anyone to go through. I drove out like any other busy morning; first piano lessons then I dropped the big kids at school and then went to swimming lessons.I sat my phone in my bag on silent as I wanted to be present for our little girls second lesson. I watched Miss 3, I got excited, I was happy she was so happy and then I got my phone out and it was ringing with a number I don’t know and many missed calls. I answered to my husband on the other end telling me that our home was BURNING DOWN! I raced to the scene, greeted by friends, neighbours, police and ambos and I stood there as I watched my house in flames. What a crazy ride!On Thursday our house was burnt to a crisp,with everything we own inside but through all the tears and the heart ache of losing everything we’ve created;all we can think about is how bloody lucky we are that we weren’t there and that we are all ok.

How incredibly blessed we are to have so many amazing people in our little community!

So many hands reaching out too check if we’re ok,help with the kids or to make us a meal.To everyone, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! I thank you for EVERY SINGLE piece of love and support;both physically and emotionally!

The future is truly unknown right now and today we may not have much but we know we are loved and that is EVERYTHING! 🙌🏼❤️

May 20, 2019