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Best dressed at bed time

Saturday home day – pj’s all day long! 🥳

The day we had our life turned up side down the beautiful ladies at @brief_affairs_boutique delivered the most gorgeous PJ’s to where we were staying for all of us to wear that night and we have loved them so much! I remember taking the tag off mine as I was about to put them on, laughing and making jokes at the fact that we had no home BUT we were better dressed for bed than we’d ever been. 🙈 Thank you Karyn for bringing us some light on that night! I won’t forget the kindness and generosity that has come out of all of this!!!

📚 We’ve also had @tremo.books reach out a couple of weeks ago and gift us a couple of their photo books and I want to share it with you guys because they are so great and they mean so much to us…you can print straight from Instagram so in a couple of books we have quite a few years printed on paper and the quality is fabulous! The kids just love looking through the memories and I it’s all of that that makes me cry… not the tragedy that’s happened BUT how incredibly generous and loving people and businesses are; local and far. 💫 it’s the silver lining of this whole thing, it’s amazing to think almost everything we have now comes from someone else that cares and that is just so so so magical! I will never stop banging on about how grateful we truly are to all of you. ❤️💫

June 21, 2019