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Friday night-treat night

Friday night-treat night 🥳… or Junk Food Friday 🤷🏼‍♀️🤭

it’s becoming quite a thing for us.

The more kids I have the more I’ve been able to appreciate some of the more simple things. We aim for the best throughout the week, but come Friday we’ve decided to claim it as our party night; while we’re all gluten free we make gf pizza or nachos or fish and chips…we have a movie night and we usually finish it off with popcorn 🍿 or an ice block. It’s my easy night which makes me happy, it’s the bosses end of work week so he is stoked to have a beer and it’s the kids fun dinner night where we are all wayyyyy more relaxed, and not so busy or structured. Bed time is after the movie and tonight, that was 6.45pm 🤭🤫… as “I grow up” I learn more and more about health and while sticking to a perfect eating plan for you 100% can be great and worthwhile to heal so many ailments (🙋🏼‍♀️ I’ll get back there sometime soon ) , life for kids needs to have a bit of most things … 80/20? 90/10? Whatever it is, there’s always such simple joy in a treat AND when it comes to food, if there’s nothing else I teach my kids, it’s that guilt free eating is by far the healthiest of all! 💪🏼

Anyone else with me on that??

June 22, 2019