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Huge steps little one.

You, my little girlfriend, are growing up way too quick! ❤️

Through the Snot noses and chaos of the past few weeks; your cuddly soft toys you sleep with didn’t make it out of the house, we’ve lost your dummy 🤦🏼‍♀️, you won’t take a bottle anymore and you’re learning to sleep in so many different places and different port a cots. These phases your passing are huge and usually take so much time to transition, but even though those first nights without a dummy we’re tuff and not having all your cuddly’s was hard at the start, you my little friend, have taken it with so much stride and graduated on like an absolute pro. 💪🏼✔️ So proud of you! I just wish you would stop feeding that dog Macky ALLLLL your snacks 🤪 🙌🏼 #forevermyBaby #15monthsold

June 10, 2019