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This wasn’t part of the plan

Oh sweet sweet kitchen of mine… I miss you! 😞 I miss not having my own, I miss that stone bench top, I miss that tap fitting I chose, I miss those tiles, I miss the coffee machine, I miss my favourite knife, my @brevilleaus personal blender, my @thermomixaus , the @crockpotaunz , all the @tupperwareausnz, I miss that chaos and I miss the crumbs on the floor… it’s living in other peoples houses and knowing it’s not ours and having to be that bit more careful and reminding the kids constantly to do the same that gets me, it’s going to be hard for everyone involved and it’s not going to be a quick process…it’s all so surreal…but everyday I still wonder how the fire started. I know I will wonder for a long time to come…And Why oh why did it happen to us?

it’s all up and down right now but we’re researching into what we can do next and every meeting, every step we take is a step forward. We have 2 nights left in hubbys mums unit and then we’ll move on to my mums place for a few of weeks. Sharing the love 💕 around as we say.

I looked at Andrew the other night and said; “gosh I never had this as part of the plan…be in my early 30’s, 4 kids and living with my mum…” when he replied ; “well I didn’t think I’d be in my 40’s and living with YOUR mum. “ we laughed, what a fun adventure this is, we love you mum! 🤪🙈🤷🏼‍♀️😭