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Oh sweet home of mine

Oh sweet home of mine ❤️ …are you ready for you’re second revamp???

Gosh it’s hard scrolling back into my phone; into the photos from before 8 weeks ago.😢 Did it all only happen 7-8weeks ago?!? 😭

The happy shots of the kids in the house,the fun things we’d renovated. All the things we’d spent time,money and worry on. Part of me just thinks why did we bother?

Why did we need to change anything?

Other parts get me thinking about how great it feels to make things nice and just how we liked it.

Someone said to me the other day; “just focus on the new house, think of that new carpet” 👍🏼 yep, it’s definitely good to be focusing on the next project BUT we only just got new carpet,new curtains & blinds,new lounges 🙈, etc , we had the house for 7 years and we were 3 years deep into making it our own.Always shouting about how great it is,how well built it was and how warm it was.We’d laugh about how we had to live in some real crap to really appreciate how good we were…and man did we live in some crap in Sydney. I mean; when P was toilet training, if she had an accident, it would trickle straight through the floor boards into the garage 🙈…no insulation!When I was pregnant with S I would lie down soaking myself in cool wet towels as it was so hot, come winter,it was so cold it was hard to function. 🤣

It’s pretty funny but made us really appreciate our own home on the south coast. I’m not even complaining about that time, I know we’ve had a privileged life compared to others in the world. But that home we were making ours and it was a great feeling. Now the slate is wiped clean and we focus on a demo and a rebuild, working out what to do and how to do it and rushing it all to get us all back into our home. So many questions; can we do it? are we doing the right thing? Is this the right plan?The list of unanswered questions is endless but I only hope that the life lessons are over for a while and we can have a smooth sale back into our home;even if it’s minus a bathroom & flooring, cooking dinner on a bbq outside & we’re painting every weekend for the next 20 years 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

But we won’t give up; Send all your budget building tips our way! .