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To you; my most grown up girl

To you; my most grown up girl. ❤️ I love you! I really hope you always know how much I love you! I know you want to be a really grown up big girl, you want to grow up and be able to do more grown up things, be given more responsibility and have more time to yourself, I know it makes you mad and I’m sorry that you miss out on that. I’m sorry that we’re not ready for you to grow up that much, just yet. I know you would love more time with just me and I would love that too but right now it’s not that easy. I know you would love more cuddles and I’m sorry that my arms are always full of other more needy little people. I’m sorry that we depend on you for the most help, and you are like second mama to those babies. I’m sorry that we won’t let you do some things that you wish you could just yet, it’s not you, it’s us, we’re just not ready. You’re in between being a little child and becoming a teenager. You are so innocent yet so inquisitive. Please don’t ever stop asking me questions and telling me things! And if you think my mind is somewhere else or I’m not listening, stop me and tell me to be there. I don’t want to let you down and I promise to try harder to be more available to you. I don’t want you to ever think that you can’t call me if you’re in trouble, I want you to know to call me first and I’ll always be there no matter what. I know you understand so much more than we give you credit for, I know that life is busy and our time needs to be shared around and sometimes you miss out. But please know how special you are, YOU were always the one that came first, you were the one in the beginning that got all of us, you are our no.1, you always will be and I hope that in time, as you grow, you know how loved you are! How proud we are! And how incredible you truly are! ❤️

And know you don’t have to grown up too quick, there’s so much more time for that. .

June 29, 2019