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The 5 best cameras for kids this Christmas

Having your child show an interest in photography is a wonderful thing – it’s amazing to see the world captured through their eyes. And while a smartphone is a great way to snap away, nothing quite beats seeing them capture photos on their own camera. As an ideal Christmas gift, a camera for kids could be a way to help them develop their hobby and acquire photography skills they will use their whole lives.

A dedicated camera can capture some incredible photos, in all kinds of conditions, helping your child learn more about composition, lighting and all of the other ins and outs of photography. With their own camera, they’ll be able to produce their own photographs to be proud of as they learn.

To help you choose the perfect camera for your child this Christmas, I’ve teamed up with the expert at Ted’s Cameras. From compact cameras and shockproof cameras to instant cameras, we’ve got it covered.  Check out our picks of the best cameras for kids.

Fuji XP140

Being both waterproof (to 25m) and shockproof (to 1.8m) makes the Fujifilm XP140 a great Christmas gift for a kid who might have the occasional drop or ‘camera in pool’ incident – giving you peace of mind that this waterproof kids camera will live to see another day. Not just suitable for clumsy hands, the XP140 is great for making the most of your travels and taking high-quality underwater photographs and videos.

This ideal camera for kids features a 16.4MP CMOS sensor and a versatile and sharp Fujinon 5x optical zoom lens. This camera is great for capturing stills both below and above the surface of the water, and it can also record video in stunning 4K resolution.

Nikon Coolpix W150 

Like the XP140, the Nikon Coolpix W150 provides added security, thanks to its rugged design. This camera also has the added benefit of being incredibly simple to use. Thanks to its simple layout and large, easy-to-read buttons, it’s a great gift for someone who’s new to using a camera. This is the ideal camera for trips to the pool or beach, as it’s both waterproof to 10m and shockproof to 1.8m.

The 13.2MP CMOS sensor and 3x optical zoom lens can capture images that look great printed, as well as shared online for family and friends to see. It can also produce Full HD videos. Great for kids of all ages, the Nikon Coolpix W150 is a great beginner camera for a child and is available in an array of fun and stylish colour options.

Fuji Instax Mini 11

The Fuji Instax Mini 11 is perfect for helping your young ones discover their love for photography in a fun and stress-free way. Not only does it produce vibrant instant prints within moments (a trick that will never get old), the Instax Mini 11 also features a powerful built-in flash, making bright and detailed images super easy to snap. 

Particularly appealing to teens, the Fuji Instax Mini 11 has an undeniable retro charm, while it also features a dedicated selfie mode, making it easy to frame and capture instant self-portraits and pictures of other close-up subjects. The Mini 11 is more compact than your classic Instant Camera of old, while it still features an optical viewfinder for accurately framing images in tricky lighting conditions.

One of the best instant cameras for kids, the Fuji Instax Mini 11 Comes in a gift pack, perfect for Christmas.  

Polaroid Now 600 Instant Camera

The Polaroid Now 600 Instant camera looks remarkably similar to its ancestors, but despite its retro design, this is a decidedly modern instant camera. The most notable new feature in this model is its autofocus, so your child won’t have to rely on guesswork to capture a sharp image. This camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, so you won’t be hassled to constantly run down to the shops to pick up replacements.

The Polaroid Now 600 Instant camera produces instant images with that classic Polaroid look – meaning a small square image with a thin white border. Great for attempting more creative photographic experiments in a fun and simple way, the Now 600 can capture double exposures, and it features a self-timer, leaving you time to get in front of the lens before the shutter fires.

Harman Reusable 35mm Film Camera

Photography enthusiasts of all ages are rediscovering, or discovering for the first time, the joy and wonder of film photography. The Harman Reusable 35mm film camera is a perfect way for your kid to do this, without any of the perceived difficulty or financial burden. Similar to a disposable film camera, this camera has basic settings, allowing you to point and shoot, but when your roll is finished, you can simply load up a fresh new one, rather than throwing the camera away.

The Harman Reusable film camera accepts 200 and 400 speed 35mm film, with two rolls of black and white film included in the box to get you started. Running on easy-to-find AAA batteries, this camera features a built-in flash, which is activated by the simple push of a button and means well-exposed images are possible indoors and outdoors.

Find the best camera for kids now

Christmas is the perfect time to give the gift of photography, and Ted’s Cameras have a wonderful selection of cameras and accessories that will make great Christmas gifts ideas for kids. Browse Ted’s Cameras’ website to find the perfect gift this Christmas, and browse Ted’s Cameras’ blog to learn some photography tips and tricks and teach your kids after they’ve received their Christmas present!