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This wasn’t part of the plan

Oh sweet sweet kitchen of mine… I miss you! 😞 I miss not having my own, I miss that stone bench top, I miss that tap fitting I chose, I miss those tiles, I miss the coffee machine, I miss my favourite knife, my @brevilleaus personal blender, my @thermomixaus…

This weeks words to live by.

This weeks words to live by… ❤️💫🤷🏼‍♀️ by @morganharpernichols

Feeling pretty deflated to end this week, optimistic at times but so hard with so much unknown and so much frustration.

We’re still waiting; waiting for a risk assessment result, waiting to be able to get an engineer in to see what…

Tonight I cried…

Tonight I cried… I cried and I couldn’t stop because I just want to go home. I don’t want to count on everyone else, I don’t want to need to. 🤷🏼‍♀️

The overwhelming fact that we don’t have a home and will be depending on family for this all time…

Riding the wave

Today marks 1 whole week without our home. This time last week, we were completely and utterly emotionally drained and the flames were still being fought.

It’s a funny feeling; it’s surreal and it still doesn’t feel quite real. It still feels like we’re on a bit of a holiday…


You never truly know how you will react in a true crisis. 🤪

The past few days have been a total roller coaster of every single emotion BUT I am pretty proud of us…And more importantly, I’m so proud of these 4! So far; these kids have been so resilient!…

Thank you!

While I’m wrapping my arms around these 4 forever 🥰 I just want to say the biggest THANK YOU for all the love on my post last night and the beautiful messages of support.

I honestly just feel so wrapped up in virtual hugs and appreciate every kind word written….