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You asked for it… ADDITIVE-FREE-OCTOBER!!!! 
SHARE IT AROUND! Sugar free September is over and lots have people have been emailing me asking what they can do next, last year we kept motivated by welcoming #additivefreeoctober… Why not STAY MOTIVATED AND BRING MORE CLEAN EATING INTO YOUR FAMILY! ITS SO EASY…


In the theme of our Sugar free September Challenge, I wanted to give you the run down on the natural sweeteners I like and don’t like. Here they are!

RAW HONEY – Honey is my sweetener of choice. It does have a very high fructose content and if you need to quit sugar…

NEW PRODUCT: Superfoods for Kids

YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!! SO SO SO EXCITED to share these new products that are in our little shop as of today! 

SUPERFOODS FOR KIDS VITAL VEGGIE POWDER! The easiest way to get a rainbow of nutrient-dense veggies and alkaline greens into kids – every day! JUST ADD IT TO ANYTHING THEY ARE EATING!Superfoods for…


Feeding babies can be such a controversial topic of conversation. We always get told breast is best and we know this. Breast milk is created by us mums to give our babies the best start to life out of the woom, it is filled with all the good stuff…

RECIPE: Coconut Butter Dipped Strawberries

WOW! Yes, thats all I can say right now as I have coconut strawberries dribbling down my chin!!!!!
The Honest to goodness company has this amazing new product out on the market that is pure unadulterated coconut butter, not coconut oil… Its a creamy coconut spread that holds no nasties,…