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This day…

Today is one of those days, you know… One of those days… That day comes around every year… A day when we remember the day that my dear old dad said good buy to us from the earth and sent his soft soul off to heaven… Its a day…

What is an ADDITIVE?


Guest Post by Tanya Winfield – Additive Free Expert

What is an additive?

As a mother of three living in Australia I thought in this
day and age we would be safe to consume foods here. WRONG!!!

There is a standard board known as Food Standard Australia
& New Zealand (FSANZ), though I do…


On Saturday the 1st of
September we were very proud Sponsors of a CanToo  High tea with some wonderful ladies while supporting a
fabulous cause. It was an afternoon of fun, laughs, games, Silent Auctions eating and

About Can Too

“Can Too is a non-profit program that
matches fitness incentives with a good cause!…


It was another great day at nature care college with Georgia from Stirring Change learning about all things RAW and LIVING! Raw living is a great introduction to why raw, living food should be a large part in our diets.

During the day we were introduced to many Guru’s of the raw…

I quit MILK and coffee – So whats next?


I am officially off coffee. Been a couple of
months/years in denial but from a couple of weeks ago when I started my health kick I wished away coffee for a while… cold turkey. I don’t know but
there is something about a hot milky cuppa. Around 12pm everyday I put my

No, its not me… I dont smell!

To be honest I have never really smelt bad… Well, I thought I never really smelt bad. The truth is, I haven’t really worn deodorant for a few years until I had my baby and all my hormones went wacko… Turns out I smell… REAL BAD! I am also very…

I pinky promise you I wont get CANCER!

 Source: thunderedby.tumblr.com

When you make a promise its a pretty scary thing, you are making a pact with someone that you will or wont do something… EVER! Its a an agreement that you are making for life that you shouldn’t break! If you broke it, then it wouldn’t be a promise…