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Why our Coconut chicken KA-POW is good for you?

Coconuts – I have said it before and I will say it again; coconuts are a glory food! AMAZING TASTE! AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS! Click here to read more about them.

Lemon juice is high in vitamin C and it very alkalising on…

RECIPE – Healthy Waldorf Salad

Why is our healthy Waldorf salad good?

Apples are high in antioxidants, fibre and reduces cholesterol.
Lemon is alkalizing to the body as well as high in vitamin C.
Celery is a negative calorie food with some great vitamins and minerals including vitamin C.
Walnuts are rich source of energy and contain many health…

RECIPE – The ultimate antioxidant hit (Smoothie and Ice pops)

What are Antioxidants??

Antioxidants are substances that delay the oxidation process. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals which can cause damage. These oxygen free radicals form during normal metabolism and through external factors such as x-rays, chemicals, ultra-violet radiation and pollution.
Antioxidants are the little scavengers that…

RECIPE – Coconut ice cream

We love coconuts!!! Coconuts are the most amazing food! They have alot of oil in them but its all good… the oil actually has fat burning properties! It would have to be one of the healthiest fats around. This is because, the saturated fats present in coconut are medium chain…

RECIPE – Whole food Pina Colada

Ok, so everyone has been asking me what was is our famous cocktails we were drinking in the coconuts at the launch party… Well they were the Choose life. Live it. Do it! whole-food pina coladas = A-MAZING!

We know that alcohol isn’t great for us all the time but…