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Our Summer Garden

WOW! How much fun we are having in the garden lately, there are so many amazing little newbies popping up everywhere and its so much fun pottering around everywhere in the afternoons. I wont take all the credit, well, I wont take any of the credit… I am not…

4 Fab Friday Market Finds

Friday mornings for our family call for a farmers market outing; strolling, chatting, taste testing, food shopping, catch ups, popcorn and playtime. Its the place to be on a friday and its full of so much local goodness it feels good to be there! What I love most about…


This week our house is full of cold… If you haven’t realised yet already, I don’t do sick very well simply because we don’t do it very often. The odd cold comes and goes but never anything major. Thankfully I have fought this one off but the children haven’t…

Nutrient Dense Hydration Inspiration…







Todays scorcher of an afternoon had me knocking back lemon water like it was the last drop I was to find ever again and as I sat down to check emails a beautiful picture of fruit infused water popped into my facebook newsfeed . It made me begin thinking of…


In the theme of our Sugar free September Challenge, I wanted to give you the run down on the natural sweeteners I like and don’t like. Here they are!

RAW HONEY – Honey is my sweetener of choice. It does have a very high fructose content and if you need to quit sugar…