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An Amazing eBook Bundle Available Only Until OCT 16th 2015!

An Amazing eBook Bundle Available Only Until OCT 16th 2015! I am really excited to share this amazing new eBook deal because it’s the first of its kind in Australia and I am directly involved as a contributor! For my non-Aussie readers, don’t close this email just yet.  The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle contains 35+ eBooks (worth…

RECIPE: Green Pea and Ham Soup

Its a cold day here in Sydney today; an inside day we call it in this house. We’ve watched some TV, craft, done some more craft and lots of cooking to keep warm. With no insulation; this house is either boiling hot or freezing cold. Today…we were rugged up…

EASTER RECIPE: Chocolate Truffles

I remember being introduced to chocolate made with real food ingredients a few years ago. It was dark, it was delicious and it was eye opening to know that we could all eat chocolate while still living a whole food lifestyle. From then, I set out to making all…

What a way to launch an EASTER eBook

Oh what a night! 30 amazing bloggers, editors and passionate mums joined together to celebrate the launch of my Live it Do it EASTER paleo chocolate recipe book. We chomped down on an Italian feast  at a delicious Northern Beaches restaurant, sipped on beautiful organic wine from Cellar Organics…


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Eating. Choc chip Cookies.

Little P: My best recipe tester. 

Sunshine: A brand new thing to try. Your almost a month off turning 2 and we’ve finally let you chomp on your very first cookie. A good one at that.


Day 6 #sugarfreeseptember – SLEEP

Almost a week into our Sugar Free September Challenge, it’s really important to listen to your bodies and rest when you need too. If that means getting into bed straight after your kids, then do it.. Your body will thank you in the morning. 
Be kind to yourself and do…