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7 tips to PARTYING on a detox!


If you ask anyone that knows anything about health then they will tell you that you can’t party while your detoxing. To detox your body and mind you must give your body sleep, rest, and lots of down time. Its true, your body cant cleanse properly if you are…


Why our Coconut chicken KA-POW is good for you?

Coconuts – I have said it before and I will say it again; coconuts are a glory food! AMAZING TASTE! AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS! Click here to read more about them.

Lemon juice is high in vitamin C and it very alkalising on…

I quit MILK and coffee – So whats next?


I am officially off coffee. Been a couple of
months/years in denial but from a couple of weeks ago when I started my health kick I wished away coffee for a while… cold turkey. I don’t know but
there is something about a hot milky cuppa. Around 12pm everyday I put my

Today I will become a gardener!

Ok so I have to admit I have spent many years uninterested in gardening, purely because gardening with my mum almost always consists of weeding and when I say weeding, I mean big weeds… Long hours of pulling weeds out and getting your hands dirty and to be honest,…

GIVEAWAY – ENJO Face Mini Fibre

Rachel Kernaghan runs a small business from
home helping people to detox their homes and reduce their chemical load. She has been very generous in offering our subscribers a FREE ENJO Face Mini
Fibre valued at $15 if you book a personal consultation to try out ENJO microfibres in your home. You will…

No, its not me… I dont smell!

To be honest I have never really smelt bad… Well, I thought I never really smelt bad. The truth is, I haven’t really worn deodorant for a few years until I had my baby and all my hormones went wacko… Turns out I smell… REAL BAD! I am also very…