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RECIPE: Hearty Lamb Meat Balls

Well, well, well, these little fella’s are a tasty toddler meal or snack, or a go to quick fix with a hidden secret ingredient. Does the name give out any clues?
Haven’t guessed it yet? Well just scroll your eyes down to the ingredients list…yes, heart!
This may excite you or…

RECIPE: Kale Chips By Pete Evans


Kale chips are quite big news in the health
world, and rightly so due to kale’s high levels of iron, vitamin K, vitamin C,
calcium and antioxidants, it’s no wonder it dons the name ‘nutritional

Potatoes have always been the predominant ingredient for chips, but potatoes
are in fact…

Greens in the garden

In the busy of weekend life and as it’s been getting colder we have been spending less and less time in the garden, more and more time inside and getting a little less interested in the green foods that are so high in live nutrients. 

I just have a thing…

Our Summer Garden

WOW! How much fun we are having in the garden lately, there are so many amazing little newbies popping up everywhere and its so much fun pottering around everywhere in the afternoons. I wont take all the credit, well, I wont take any of the credit… I am not…