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TOXIC FREE FIND: Miod Natural Skincare

My favourite – Extra Hydrating Balm

Recently my overtired, dry skin has been lucky enough to be nourished with Miod natural skincare. I wont lie when I say I haven’t been looking after my skin properly since H baby was born. For the first weeks after baby was born I…


Babies wee and poo all day, it is a never ending cycle of changing nappies for new mums and it can get messy… For the past 3 months we have been using a mixture between cloth and toxic free disposable nappies on our H baby. I have talked about how…

5 days with EAT FIT FOOD

My baby is now 12 weeks old (were not going to talk in months yet, thats just too scary) and its time to pull my finger out… Still 20 kgs too heavy (I know, its not good!!!), this post baby body is not shredding the left overs as I’d…

3 days with Lucky You Juices!

For the last 3 days I have been getting charged on juices; I have enjoyed 6 delicious juices full of goodness each day, it has been awesome.

Lucky you run juice cleansing program’s where the program is set for you and the juices are delivered to your door step ready…

TOXIC FREE FIND: Evohe Skincare


Getting ready for my little baby-moon of a hospital stay when my H baby entered the world not too long ago, I was looking for a little bit of luxury to cleanse and nourish my face and help me to look a little alive when my visitors started visiting….