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GUEST RECIPE: Rich and Delicious Chocolate Muffins (with vegetables!) By Brenda Janschek

A lovely friend of mine runs the most awesome kids cooking classes in Melbourne. If you haven’t already heard of it yet, it’s called Mish’s Dishes. We first discovered each other through Facebook (as you do!) and have stayed in touch over the last couple of years, offering support, ideas and sharing recipes.

The following recipe…

RECIPE: Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers

The store bought sweet chilli sauce is filled with sugar and packed with additives, it is something you really want to steer clear of. This is why these little babies are brilliant. So simple and so tasty that your guests wont have a clue that they are healthy.

Preparation time:…

RECIPE: A Healthy Christmas Cake

There is something special about laying your teeth into a small piece of fruity christmas delight. Growing up I was never a fan of fruit cake but as my taste buds have shifted and my kids LOVE all things fruit I have grown to love using fruit to sweeten…

RECIPE: Sardines on Toast

A super simple but highly nutritious, brekky, lunch of snack. Sardines are really good for us and believe it or not, are really delicious. Somehow in their tiny tins in the supermarket we get turned off them and don’t appreciate them for what they actually are. Look out for the sustainably…

RECIPE: Sweet & Salty popcorn

This is a really fun treat and it tastes delicious! It’s great for parties; the kids will love it.

RECIPE: sweet & salty popcorn

2 tbsp butter or coconut oil
2 tbsp Natvia icing mixture
sea salt to taste
large bowl of homemade popcorn

Place popcorn in a large bowl and set to the side….

RECIPE: Coconut hummus & carrot crackers

RECIPE: Coconut hummus & carrot crackers

1 garlic clove
2 cans of chickpeas, rinsed and drained
200 mls coconut cream
3 tbsp tahini
pinch of salt and pepper to taste
2 large carrots, peeled and sliced

Place the chickpeas, coconut cream, tahini, salt and pepper into the processor and process until smooth. You may need a…