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It was another great day at nature care college with Georgia from Stirring Change learning about all things RAW and LIVING! Raw living is a great introduction to why raw, living food should be a large part in our diets.

During the day we were introduced to many Guru’s of the raw…

I quit MILK and coffee – So whats next?


I am officially off coffee. Been a couple of
months/years in denial but from a couple of weeks ago when I started my health kick I wished away coffee for a while… cold turkey. I don’t know but
there is something about a hot milky cuppa. Around 12pm everyday I put my

GIVEAWAY – ENJO Face Mini Fibre

Rachel Kernaghan runs a small business from
home helping people to detox their homes and reduce their chemical load. She has been very generous in offering our subscribers a FREE ENJO Face Mini
Fibre valued at $15 if you book a personal consultation to try out ENJO microfibres in your home. You will…