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RECIPE: mixed up Mojito

The Festive Season calls for a bit of relaxation. And there is something great about sitting in the sunshine sipping on a cocktail! Mojito’s are one of my all time favourite drinks; they are sweet yet refreshing! This is my version of a mojito, there’s nothing much traditional about…

RECIPE: Boobie Bickies

Gluten/wheat/dairy free

Like any new mum, my first few months after having our baby have been quite draining (literally). New babies are wonderful but with every feed they are slowly sucking the energy out of us mums and if we don’t look after ourselves then we cant look after them….

RECIPE: 2 egg Omelette

Brekky is ready! So easy, so yummy! Try this for a super quick but delicious protein hit!


2 eggs
30 ml milk of choice
Salt / pepper


1 small shallot, chopped
2 Cherry tomatoes, quartered
Shaved Parmesan


Into a bowl, whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper
Onto your hot non-toxic, non stick pan; add omelet mix, drop the heat…


Feeding babies can be such a controversial topic of conversation. We always get told breast is best and we know this. Breast milk is created by us mums to give our babies the best start to life out of the woom, it is filled with all the good stuff…