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“Choose life products inspire me,
To ensure i am as healthy as can be!
They are great for the body and the environment too,
And designed totally to nourish and enrich you!
A completely natural product is important to me,

Combined with a need to be as healthy as can be!With a range of products to help and guide,Those needs are fulfilled, with the products they provide!
The products look classy and are well defined,

The message is clear and gives piece of mind!
With products that work both inside and out,
Choose lifes products are the best,for me, 
there is no doubt!”

… Beautiful poem by Vicki Sales, Northern Beaches.

“Choose life, live it, do it inspires me to be more AWARE!”... Andrea Piper, Northern Beaches.

 “My husband and I have both been hospitalised recently and are trying to live a lot cleaner and help our children to do the same, it would set us in the right direction”….Lisse Crompton

“I am struggling with obesity issues. Choose life helps me drop the kilos and pick up some energy!!”… Caroline Lissaman 

“Before I had a baby, I definately lived under a rock with my true health. While I wouldn’t have thought I was particularly unhealthy, I wasn’t aware of how damaging a lot of things were to my body, which had flow on effects to my life. I’m very impressed by Choose Life. Live it. Do it, and this website inspires me to delve further, continue to educate myself, and put my new learnings into practice – just a little each day. I also love the ‘energyThis book sounds amazing also, and would help me implement the food side of health, by the looks of things”…Rebecca Newman

Moltex eco nappy
“OMG, so was not expecting great things from a ‘natural’ nappy. I have been a loyal buyer of the leading brand for years 2 years, nervous to steer away from them… the threat of leakage is just too great for my liking!  These nappys were actually great!  We did the over night test and was pleasantly surprised to have a dry bed in the morning. Thankyou. I can now buy guilt free nappys that I know will work for us!!” … Amber Ware.

ECO TAN Invisible skin:
“Hello, I was a winner of one of your promotions to win the prize of the bottle of Eco Tan!  I wanted to write to thankyou!  It feels so good to be guilt free brown in winter!  Finally a self application tan without all the nasty bits. Love a bronzed babe!”

“Hooley Dooley, the Mother Earth Chai is amazing!! I infused with a cup of Almond milk, curled up in my favourite reading nook in the sunshine and lost a few hours.  Thankyou for having in your shop!”